Repotting Streptocarpus Tips

By Karyn Cichocki

I just got done re-potting most of the streps and thought I would share some photos as to how I’ve been potting them up. I take new pot, put about ¼” to ½” of perlite on bottom depending on the height of the pot. Then add some of my soil mix (2 parts peat moss, 1 part each of course perlite & vermiculite). I groom the plant and then take it out of the old pot and remove the perlite layer that is on the bottom of the soil and then place it in the new pot and fill around the sides with soil to just below the rim of the pot. Picture 1.

Picture 1.
I then take some hydroponic rocks and cover the top of the soil and around the plant. (Picture 2).
Picture 2.

Picture 2

Picture 3 shows the bag of rocks.
Picture 3.
In my conditions by using the rocks I don’t have the trouble with wet soil being too close to the plant and causing rot and they also will hold up the plants until their root structure does that.

Picture 3

I’ve also used the Sunleaves brand of rocks pictured below, the 0.5 – 1.5” size. Both can be purchased at Amazon with free shipping.
NOTE: whenever trying something new, try it on a few duplicates plants from your collection, just in case it won’t be good for your growing

Lava Rocks